The Ridley Group of Wells Fargo Advisors

Located on Fountain Square in downtown Bowling Green, Kentucky, the Ridley Group of Wells Fargo Advisors is a premier wealth management firm serving foundations, corporate retirement plans, and select individual clientele. 

John Ridley and his team of financial consultants take an approach that begins with a genuine focus upon the relationships they share with our clients. Many of the individuals and businesses they work with are not just their clients, but also their friends. The team is willing to invest the time in getting to know all the details that make each situation unique. It's about honoring their relationship with you and being fully invested in your success. They've structured their practice so that conflicts of interest are removed and their goals are aligned with yours. The Ridley Group is with you every step of the way—through every life event and every stage of the investment process. Markets will always ebb and flow, but good counsel should remain the constant in an evolving world.

As a group, they advise on more than $365,000,000 in assets and they hold their role in the highest regard. The team understands the importance of helping their clients navigate successfully to their desired goals, and they invite you to experience the dedication of their team.